Origin of the band dates back from September, 2014.

Guitarist (citrate) from the first meeting of the contact singer (Rony Rage) and formed the first test with (Nygom) after several changes of names and bubenníkov 🙂 there is a fixed formation in early 2015, and gives a name SHARZALL

The band still works as originally constituted citrate, RAGE, Nyga, MIPO.

Creating SHARZALL discusses the death of karmic point of view and perceive the act of dying an act of change and growth for the eternal soul of man on the road to perfection through reincarnation or the never-ending struggle of light with darkness thus alternation of opposites – opposite poles creating harmony.

Band formation expresses its categorical opposition to all ideological and political views, parties, movements and current or former whose acts resulted in discrimination, suffering or death of a free man.

The artistic direction of the band focuses on the generations as the core text as well as musically. The controversial image of the band is part of the drama, which is included in storytelling through dark creation.

Členovia kapely
NYGA – Bassguitarist
SHINY – Keyboardist
LIVITICUS – Guitarist
RONY RAGE – Singer
D. – Drummer

Video z vystúpenia


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