Booking: reservation of the artist to a concert

Artist: the musician or music band

Organizer: company or organization which organize concert or event

List of artists: list of musicians and music bands on the portal BOOKING

List of concerts: List of public performances of the artists. The condition of an establishing to the list of the concerts is the signing of the advanced booking or exclusive booking agreement between the portal operator and artist

Categories of artists: an inclusion of the artists by the genres

Artist promotion: advertising of the artist on FB, internet, PR, print media, radios, TV

Concert management: Artist representation in negotiations with the organizers, provision of a travel and accommodation, concerts and tour promotion, organization of the concerts and tour

Basic booking:

– insertion of the artist to the LIST of ARTISTS

– offer of the artist to the slovak organizers


Advanced booking: basic booking +

– sending of  the confirmed bookings and concerts to the artist

– management of the confirmed bookings

– creating and updating of the list of the confirmed bookings

– creating and updating of the LIST of CONCERTS

– advertising of the artist on Facebook


Exclusive booking: advanced booking +

– advertising of the artist in other media

– making terms of the concerts with the organizers

– a plan concerts and tours

– travel and accommodation

– management of the concerts

– offer of the artist to the foreign organizers